Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering information about a particular academic or administrative activity to determine if it is achieving its stated goals.  If the goals are not being met, the information gathered is used to change the activity as needed.

At Bryn Mawr, the steps for Assessment are

  1. Each Academic Department creates learning goals and each Administrative Office creates institutional effectiveness goals that are aligned with the Mission of the College
  2. From the goals, measurable objectives are created
  3. Measurement tools are created to measure objectives
  4. Data are collected
  5. Data are analyzed with attention to
    1. Developing plans for changes to be made in the case that outcomes were unexpected
    2. If changes are to be made, identifying the impact on resources
  6. Reassess

This website contains resources related to assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness.

1. Articulating Learning and Effectiveness goals 2. Creating Measurable Objectives 3. Assessment…

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