Board of Trustees and Office of the Secretary of the College

About the Board

"The general administration and management of the Corporation and all powers of the Corporation are hereby granted to and vested in the Board of Trustees." *

In accordance with the by-laws, the Bryn Mawr College Board of Trustees includes

  1. Trustees elected by the Board of Trustees to hold office for a term of five years;
  2. Five Trustees shall be persons nominated by the Alumnae Association from among its members.  At least one of them shall be a person who holds a Bryn Mawr degree and who did not attend the College as an undergraduate, and one of them shall be the President of the Alumnae Association. 
  3. One Young Alumna Trustee shall be nominated by the Committee on Trustees each year to serve a three-year term as a voting member. 
  4. The sitting President of the College, as a member ex officio.

There are three regular meetings of the Board; in October, February and April/May. Special meetings of the Board of Trustees may be called by the chair of the Board, the President, or by three or more trustees. A majority of the Trustees in office shall be present at each meeting in order to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

* Section 2.01 of the By-Laws of Bryn Mawr College

Office of the Secretary of the College

The work of the Board of Trustees is supported by the Office of the Secretary of the College, which serves as the liaison between the campus community and the Board.