College Counsel

The College Counsel serves as the College's chief legal officer and is responsible for the provision of legal services to the College and its trustees, officers, and employees.

The goals of the College Counsel are to provide qualitatively superior, responsive answers to requests for legal assistance; to prevent the College from incurring unnecessary or unanticipated legal risks; and to reduce reliance on outside counsel and promote greater utilization of in-house legal services.

Principal Functions

First, the College Counsel provides general legal counsel to the President, the College's other executive officers, and the governing board. The College Counsel advises on the legal ramifications of College policy and decision-making.

Second, the College Counsel performs the traditional functions associated with in-house counsel. He assists in the negotiation of contracts; interprets and ensures compliance with the statutes and regulations of the Federal and Pennsylvania Governments; provides advice on human resource matters; and in general functions as a small, general-practice law firm representing clients who are College officers, faculty members, and staff members.

Third, the College Counsel is responsible for engaging outside law firms and coordinating and supervising their work. It is the responsibility of the College Counsel to assure that outside legal counsel are selected carefully, taking into account both the nature of the services they can provide and the fees they charge. Once outside counsel are engaged, the College Counsel insures that services are provided in a timely fashion, at a reasonable cost, and in a manner that serves the College's interest.

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