Networking can be as simple as research which builds a network or collection of relationships. It is also building from one contact to another (and another), and maintaining relationships with them all throughout your career.

The Career & Civic Engagement Center's comprehensive Networking and LinkedIn Guide offers a number of tips and best practices related to communication, preparation, interviewing, and much more.

Our LinkedIn Profile Rubric enables beginning, intermediate, and advanced users to evaluate where they stand in categories including experience, recommendations, and skills and expertise.


  • Identify a field or type of work that has captured your interest.
  • Gather early stage research on this field or type of work.
  • Identify and start a list of people who are working in your areas of interest.
  • Have a resume completed and reviewed before reaching out to contacts.
  • Reach out to ask if you can talk with the contact to learn more about his/her work.
  • When possible, meet in person in the contact's workplace.
  • Always thank your contact for his/her time and advice within 24 hours by email.
  • Nurture the relationship. Never burn bridges.

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