Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is available to assist students in building fundamental course knowledge and finding effective strategies for learning.

You can meet with a peer tutor at any stage in the learning process.

Bryn Mawr College's peer tutors are undergraduates who are passionate about and skilled in the courses listed below.  Students enrolled in the supported courses can utilize tutoring at no cost as a great additional resource along with professors and course supports. Tutoring requests can be submitted using the form below to begin the third week of each semester.

Courses Supported by Peer Tutors
Elementary and Intermediate
Biology: 110, 111
Chemistry: 103, 104
Chinese: First and Second Year
Computer Science: 110, 113
Economics: 105
French: Elementary and Intermediate
German: Elementary and Intermediate
Greek: Elementary and Intermediate
Italian: Elementary and Intermediate
Latin: Elementary and Intermediate
Mathematics: 101, 102, 104
Physics: 101, 102, 121, 122
Psychology: 105, 205
Russian: Elementary and Intermediate
Spanish: Elementary and Intermediate

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